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10 reasons why you should choose CMS Glance

Martijn Momberg, 2015-12-01

CMS developed by Nedforce, optimized for custom applications. Read all about the benefits that Glance CMS offers you!

Glance CMS

Content management with Glance

Glance CMS was developed by Nedforce and is used by various progressive organizations. Technically advanced applications from organizations like Platform31, SBRCURnet and the Dutch Public Broadcasting ( NPO ) run fully on the Glance product line . Here are 10 reasons why Glance will add value to your organization.

Het gebruik van Glance CMS voor

10 reasons to choose Glance CMS

1. Frontend content management. No more fumbling in the backend, no more switching from back to front, you can customize your content directly on the page.

2. Live preview. When you type, the text appears instantly on your screen. This allows you to see what the impact is of the adjustments. Satisfied with the result? Simply by confirming the changes, your application will go live immediately.

3. Customized software. Glance is ideally suited for developing customized applications. Your application is precisely designed by the developers of Nedforce in the way you want it. What if your needs change over time and you want to add some new components to your site? Glance is specially designed to let your website grow along with your business.

4. Intelligent widgets. These preprogrammed widgets ensure that you only need to add the content and simply choose the best location on your website. The developers of Nedforce have already developed many widgets and will create new widgets when you need it.

5. Unprecedented speed. Adjusting content to your website has never been so easy and fast as with Glance CMS. With this CMS you drag text boxes, images, videos and various other forms of content quickly and easily to the best location on your website. The content will adjusts directly to your wishes, which means you can classify the different pages in no time.

6. Professional version management. Do you want to temporarily change a page and then restore your original page? With the feature version of Glance CMS you can do this within seconds. Also, set up revisions of a page and activate this page for the period you want.

7. Modular construction. The product line Glance consists of many intelligent modules that offer added value for various applications. Not every module is interesting for everyone so, eventually you will only pay for the modules which are interesting for your application.

8. Glance Core. The powerful core of Glance consists of several intelligent components. For example, it is possible to add search and filter functions, specific tags and a social media log-in to your application. Everything in Core and the CMS is focused on efficiency for the administrator and optimal user experience for the visitor.

9. Glance Media. All your media items are stored at a central location. At the same moment you upload a picture, different cut-outs of this picture will be made. This way your picture is ​​directly suitable for any location on your website. Finally, you can place the image very easily with the CMS.

10. Online test environment. We have developed an online test environment where you can experience how easy it is to manage with Glance CMS content. You can open the test environment via this link. By logging in with username " ' and password '123456 ' you can start immediately. Good luck!


We are convinced that CMS Glance and Glance product line will add value for your organization. We would like to have a chat with you to discuss the opportunities for your organization. Please call (053 - 4500 225) or e-mail ( ) us to contact one of our staff members.